CIKM 2013 Paper Awards

We are happy to announce several awards for the excellent research works submitted to CIKM 2013.

Best Paper Award
Penguins in Sweaters, or Serendipitous Entity Search on User-generated Content
Ilaria Bordino, Yelena Mejova, Mounia Lalmas
Best Student Paper Award
Mining a Search Engine's Corpus Without a Query Pool
Mingyang Zhang, Nan Zhang, Gautam Das
Honorable Mention Papers
  • Robust Question Answering over the Web of Linked Data
    Mohamed Yahya, Klaus Berberich, Shady Elbassuoni, Gerhard Weikum
  • Graph-of-word and TW-IDF: New Approach to Ad Hoc IR
    François Rousseau, Michalis Vazirgiannis
  • Programming with Personalized PageRank: A Locally Groundable First-Order Probabilistic Logic
    William Yang Wang, Kathryn Mazaitis, William W. Cohen
Best Poster Award
Software Plagiarism Detection: A Graph-based Approach.
Dong-kyu Chae, Jiwoon Ha, Boo-Joong Kang, Eul-Gyu Im, Sang-Wook Kim
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