Accepted Posters

22nd International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM)
Burlingame, CA, USA. Oct 27 - Nov 1, 2013

  • Paper ID 1302, MRPacker: An SQL to MapReduce Optimizer, Xuelian Lin; Shuai Ma; Yue Ye
  • Paper ID 1350, A Hybrid Privacy-Preserving Approach to Process KNN Query, Shixin Tian; Ying Cai; Qinghua Zheng
  • Paper ID 1375, Flexible and extensible generation and corruption of personal data, Peter Christen; Dinusha Vatsalan
  • Paper ID 1391, An Efficient and Robust Privacy Protection Technique for Massive Streaming Choice-based Information, Ji Zhang
  • Paper ID 1402, RCached-tree: An Index Structure for Efficiently Answering Popular Queries, Manash Pal; Arnab Bhattacharya; Debjyoti Paul
  • Paper ID 1471, Label Constrained Shortest Path Estimation, Ankita Likhyani; Srikanta Bedathur
  • Paper ID 5, Cross-Domain Sparse Coding, Jim Jing-Yan Wang; Halima Bensmail
  • Paper ID 140, Grammar Inference for Large Spatial Trajectories, Arnold Boedihardjo; Jessica Lin; Tim Oates; Crystal Chen; Susan Frankenstein; Sunil Gandhi
  • Paper ID 1273, LCMKL: Latent-Community and Multi-Kernel Learning based image annotation, Qing Li; Yun Gu; Xueming Qian
  • Paper ID 1282, Random Walk-based Graphical Sampling in Unbalanced Heterogeneous Bipartite Social Graphs, Yusheng Xie
  • Paper ID 1289, Cost-sensitive Learning for Large-scale Hierarchical Classification of Commercial Products, Jianfu Chen; David Warren
  • Paper ID 1292, Modeling Information Diffusion over Social Networks for Temporal Dynamic Prediction, Dong Li; Zhiming Xu; Sheng Li; Yishu Luo; Xin Sun; Anika Gupta; Katia Sycara
  • Paper ID 1311, Predicting ReTweet Count Using Visual Cues, Ethem F. Can; Huseyin Oktay; R. Manmatha
  • Paper ID 1328, Identifying Multilingual Wikipedia Articles based on Cross Language Similarity and Activity, Khoi-Nguyen Tran; Peter Christen
  • Paper ID 1332, An Efficient and Accurate Algorithm for Approximating Betweenness Centrality, Mostafa Haghir Chehreghani
  • Paper ID 1334, Exploiting Collaborative Filtering Techniques for Automatic Assessment of Student Free-text Responses, Tao Ge; Zhifang Sui; Baobao Chang
  • Paper ID 1335, Automated Probabilistic Modeling for Relational Data, Sameer Singh; Thore Graepel
  • Paper ID 1338, Semantic Discovery from Web Comparison Queries, Tingting Zhong; Wensheng Wu
  • Paper ID 1340, Joint Learning on Sentiment and Emotion Classification, Wei Gao; Shoushan Li; Sophia Yat Mei Lee; Zhou Guodong,; Chu-Ren Huang
  • Paper ID 1341, A Unified Graph Model for Personalized Query-Oriented Reference Paper Recommendation, Fanqi Meng; Dehong Gao; Wenjie Li; Xu Sun; Yuexian Hou
  • Paper ID 1347, Probabilistic Latent Class Models for Predicting Student Performance, Suleyman Cetintas; Luo Si; Yan Ping Xin; Ron Tzur
  • Paper ID 1355, Timeline Adaptation for Text Classification, Fumiyo Fukumoto; Yoshimi Suzuki; Atsuhiro Takasu
  • Paper ID 1359, Recommendation via User’s Personality and Social Contextual, He Feng; Xueming Qian
  • Paper ID 1376, FAMCEM: Fast convergence Monte Carlo based EM, David Matusevich; Carlos Ordonez
  • Paper ID 1380, Discrimination-aware classification for imbalanced datasets, Goce Ristanoski; Wei Liu; James Bailey
  • Paper ID 1383, Incremental Shared Nearest Neighbor Density-Based Clustering, Sumeet Singh; Amit Awekar
  • Paper ID 1387, The Essence of Knowledge (Bases) through Entity Rankings, Evica Ilieva; Sebastian Michel; Aleksandar Stupar
  • Paper ID 1398, Chinese Syntactic Parsing Based on Linguistic Entity-Relationship Model, Dechun Yin
  • Paper ID 1399, Clustering-Based Anomaly Detection in Multi-View Data, Alejandro Marcos Alvarez; Makoto Yamada; Akisato Kimura; Tomoharu Iwata
  • Paper ID 1411, Discovering Relations using Matrix Factorization Methods, Ervina Cergani; Pauli Miettinen
  • Paper ID 1418, On Exploiting Content and Citations Together to Compute Similarity of Scientific Papers, Masoud Reyhani Hamedani; Sang-Chul Lee; Sang-Wook Kim
  • Paper ID 1436, Taxonomy-based Regression Model for Cross-Domain Sentiment Classification, Cong-Kai Lin; Yang-Yin Lee; Chi-Hsin Yu; Hsin-Hsi Chen
  • Paper ID 1438, Reconciliation of Categorical Opinions from Multiple Sources, Adway Mitra; Srujana Merugu
  • Paper ID 1453, An Unsupervised Transfer Learning Approach to Discover Topics for Online Reputation Management, Tamara Martin; Julio Gonzalo; Enrique Amigo
  • Paper ID 1458, Discovering Facts with Boolean Tensor Tucker Decomposition, Dora Erdos; Pauli Miettinen
  • Paper ID 1473, Intelligent SSD: A Turbo for Big Data Mining, Duck-Ho Bae; Jin-Hyung Kim; Sang-Wook Kim; Hyunok Oh
  • Paper ID 1484, Software Plagiarism Detection: A Graph-based Approach, Dong-Kyu Chae; Jiwoon Ha; Boo-Joong Kang; Eul-Gyu Im
  • Paper ID 1485, Objectionable Content Filtering by Click-Through Data, Lung-Hao Lee; Yen-Cheng Juan; Hsin-Hsi Chen; Yuen-Hsien Tseng
  • Paper ID 1279, Feature-Based Models for Improving the Quality of Noisy Training Data for Relation Extraction, Benjamin Roth; Dietrich Klakow
  • Paper ID 1280, Weighted Hashing for Fast Large Scale Similarity Search, Qifan Wang; Dan Zhang; Luo Si
  • Paper ID 1291, Term Associations in Query Expansion: a Structural Linguistic Perspective, Mike Symonds; Peter Bruza; Guido Zuccon; Bevan Koopman; Laurianne Sitbon
  • Paper ID 1295, Predicting Event-Relatedness of Popular Queries, Seyyedeh Newsha Ghoreishi; Aixin Sun
  • Paper ID 1313, Modeling Latent Topic Interactions Using Quantum Interference for Information Retrieval, Alessandro Sordoni; Jing He; Jian-Yun Nie
  • Paper ID 1315, Generalizing Diversity Detection in Blog Feed Retrieval, Mostafa Keikha; Fabio Crestani; Bruce Croft
  • Paper ID 1316, Dynamic Query Intent Mining from a Search Log Stream, Yanan Qian; Tetsuya Sakai; Junting Ye; Qinghua Zheng; Cong Li
  • Paper ID 1319, Latency-Aware Strategy for Static List Caching in Flash-based Web Search Engines, Jiancong Tong; Gang Wang; Xiaoguang Liu
  • Paper ID 1324, Bootstrapping Active Name Disambiguation with Crowdsourcing, Yu Cheng; Zhengzhang Chen; Ankit Agrawal
  • Paper ID 1325, Modeling Clicks Beyond the First Result Page, Aleksandr Chuklin; Pavel Serdyukov; Maarten de Rijke
  • Paper ID 1333, Maintaining Discriminatory Power in Quantized Indexes, Matt Crane; Andrew Trotman; Richard O'Keefe
  • Paper ID 1342, Retrieving Opinions from Discussion Forums, Laura Dietz; Ziqi Wang; Samuel Huston; Bruce Croft
  • Paper ID 1345, Retrieval of Trending Topics in a Peer-to-Peer Micro-blogging Social Network, H Asthana; Ingemar Cox
  • Paper ID 1348, Can You Trust Online Ratings? A Mutual Reinforcement Model for a Trustable Online Rating System, Hyun-Kyo Oh; Sang-Wook Kim; Sunju Park
  • Paper ID 1352, Exploiting Proximity Feature in Statistical Translation Models for Information Retrieval, Xinhui Tu
  • Paper ID 1354, Position-Based Contextualization for Passage Retrieval, David Carmel; Anna Shtok; Oren Kurland
  • Paper ID 1369, High Throughput Filtering using FPGA Acceleration, Wim Vanderbauwhede; Leif Azzopardi; Anton Frolov; Martin Margala; Sairahul Chalamalasetti
  • Paper ID 1373, On challenges with mobile e-health - lessons from a game-theoretic perspective, Ann-Marie Eklund
  • Paper ID 1374, Improving Entity Search over Linked Data by Modeling Latent Semantics, Nikita Zhiltsov; Eugene Agichtein
  • Paper ID 1390, Semi-Supervised Discriminative Preference Elicitation for Cold-Start Recommendation, Xi Zhang; Jian Cheng; Ting Yuan; Biao Niu; Hanqing Lu
  • Paper ID 1401, Exploiting the Query Term Correlation for List Caching in Web Search Engines, Jiancong Tong; Gang Wang; Xiaoguang Liu
  • Paper ID 1405, Speller Performance Prediction for Query Autocorrection, Alexey Baytin; Irina Galinskaya; Marina Panina; Pavel Serdyukov
  • Paper ID 1408, Predicting the Impact of Expansion Terms Using Semantic and User Interaction Features, Anton Bakhtin; Yury Ustinovskiy; Pavel Serdyukov
  • Paper ID 1413, QBEES: Query by Entity Examples, Steffen Metzger; Ralf Schenkel; Marcin Sydow
  • Paper ID 1427, Learning to Selectively Rank Patients' Medical History, Nut Limsopatham; Craig Macdonald; Iadh Ounis
  • Paper ID 1428, A Belief Propagation Approach for Detecting Shilling Attacks in Collaborative Filtering, Jun Zou; Faramarz Fekri
  • Paper ID 1437, Automated Snippet Generation for Online Advertising, Stamatina Thomaidou; Panagiotis Katsivelis-Perakis; Ismini Lourentzou; Michalis Vazirgiannis
  • Paper ID 1441, Detecting Controversy on the Web, Shiri Dori-Hacohen; James Allan
  • Paper ID 1445, Mining User Interest from Search Tasks and Annotations, Sampath Jayarathna; Atish Patra; Frank Shipman
  • Paper ID 1446, Generating Comparative Summaries from Reviews, Ruben Sipos; Thorsten Joachims
  • Paper ID 1448, Zero-Shot Video Retrieval Using Content and Concepts, Jeff Dalton; James Allan
  • Paper ID 1449, Diversified Query Expansion using ConceptNet , Arbi Bouchoucha; Jing He; Jian-Yun Nie
  • Paper ID 1451, An Empirical Study of Top-N Recommendation for Venture Finance, Thomas Stone; Weinan Zhang; Xiaoxue Zhao
  • Paper ID 1461, Interest Mining from User Tweets, Thuy Vu; Victor Perez
  • Paper ID 1464, An Analysis of Crowd Workers Mistakes for Specific and Complex Relevance Assessment Task, Jesse Anderton; Maryam Bashir; Virgil Pavlu; Javed Aslam
  • Paper ID 1472, Combining Prestige and Relevance Ranking for Personalized Recommendation, Xiao Yang
  • Paper ID 1474, Strategies for Setting Time-to-Live Values in Result Caches, Fethi Sazoglu; Berkant Barla Cambazoglu; Rifat Ozcan; Ismail Altingovde; Ozgur Ulusoy
  • Paper ID 1477, Learning to Detect Task Boundaries of Query Session, Zhang Zhenzhong
  • Paper ID 1478, Early Prediction on Imbalanced Multivariate Time Series, Guoliang He; Yong Duan; Tieyun Qian; Xu Cheng
  • Paper ID 1479, Exploiting Trustors as Well as Trustees in Trust-based Recommendation, Won-Seok Hwang; Shaoyu Li; Sang-Wook Kim; Ho-Jin Choi
  • Paper ID 1480, Through-the-looking glass: utilizing rich post-search trail statistics for web search, Gleb Gusev; Alexey Tolstikov; Mikhail Shakhray; Pavel Serdyukov
  • Paper ID 1482, Topical Authority Propagation on Microblogs, Yi Fang; Juan Hu; Archana Godavarthy
  • Paper ID 1483, The Importance of Being Socially-Savvy: Quantifying the Influence of Social Networks on Microblog Retrieval, Alexander Kotov; Eugene Agichtein
  • Paper ID 1487, Flexible and Dynamic Compromises for Effective Recommendations, Saurabh Gupta; Sutanu Chakraborti
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